We are committed to customer satisfaction with reliable quality and practical products.

The company specializes in the development and manufacture of acoustics and digital devices in Korea.

Outstanding value for price

Established in 1991, CAMAC Korea established overseas manufacturing infrastructure in Shenzhen, China in 2001. We aim to provide excellent products for the price through domestic design and overseas assembly production. We also have partnerships with a number of manufacturers to provide a wide variety of products through our professional sourcing staff overseas.

Reduced customer costs

In addition to reducing customers' purchasing burden through excellent cost of ownership, we intend to minimize the cost of customers after the purchase through thorough customer service. CAMAC Korea focuses on customer experience and focuses on receiving customer complaints and improving them immediately.

Differentiate to the basics

We aim to differentiate ourselves from the basics such as outstanding cost ratio, reduction of customer cost and increase of satisfaction, development worker of long experience, development of consumer customized function.

Strengthen core competencies

Our goal is to be a core competent company in the digital industry by providing endless quality improvement and trusting our customers and business partners.