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1991 MAY CamacKorea established
1992 FEB Regitered on KOTRA
1994 JAN Established the first factory in Korea
1995 APR Established the second factory in Korea
1997 MAY Supplied to Samsung Living
1999 MAY Established the first factory in Shenzen, China
2000 APR Established the sole corporation Camatech Co., Ltd
OCT Supplied to LG IBM
2002 MAY Established HongKong branch
2003 MAR Supplied to Hundai MultiCap
JUNE Open the shop in Shenzen
2004 SEP Dubai brand opened
2009 MAR Launched car subwoofer brand [LAVE]
2013 JAN Launched voice amplifier brand [UNIZONE]
2017 JAN Headoffice and warehouse was integrated and operated in one place
FEB WIFI speaker CMK-5005 launched